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Ainda vida com uma guitarra


More than music class


For a child, it is the development of motor skills, the imagination and the act of playing.


For a teenager, it is to provide a form of expression: a way to place and assert themselves in the world.


For an adult, it can be the aspiration of a professional dream, the committed dedication of an amateur or just a relief from stress.

O que é


Violao Brasileiro 7.png
Brazilian Guitar

Learn the iconic bossa nova style, our rich instrumental guitar and the 7-string samba and choro style. Everything fits in your guitar!

RItmo e Suingue 6(EN).png
Ritmo e Suingue

Feeling the rhythm on your body through walking and body percussion will help on your guitar flow on complex rhythms, especially if you're willing to learn the brazilian rhythms. I also use the international recognized method O Passo© to help you on that matter.

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Teoria Musical (EN).png
Teoria Musical

Learning theory to support your practice is always a good idea! That way you can find a good tonality to sing a song, write compositions of your own, listen and transcribe musics and boost your improvisation skills.

Rep e Improv 2(EN).png
Repertório e Improvisação

Build your own and unique and full of identity repertoire for concerts and presentations. Use those same songs to dive in the delicious universe of improvisation.

Como é


Graduated in Music Education at UNESP (2017) and in International Relations at PUC-SP (2012),  my first contact with the guitar was 20 years ago. Being a teacher for more than 10 years I have already worked with music in theatres, stages, schools, social projects and even hospitals!

Today I work as a private guitar and music initiation teacher, in addition to being a music teacher at Colégio Brasil Canada and music initiation teacher at School Of Rock.

Quem sou eu


O que dizem
foto Danilo.jpg

“The classes with Chico helped my musical development a lot, in addition to the study of the guitar.


Danilo Reis

Private student residing in São Paulo, SP

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